About this Project

The Oregon Department of Forestry offers a dataset of recreational opportunities on state forestland, available for download at data.oregon.gov.

This project provides a filterable interface for the data. It's not affiliated with the Oregon Department of Forestry. It's based on data made available on February 22, 2019.

It's a personal project for me, Aaron Sumner. I started it because I'm interested in using public data to provide benefit to my fellow citizens of Oregon and of Clatsop County. Many of the recreational opportunities in this dataset are convenient to my home, and I wanted an easy way to sift through them to find things to do. It also gives me a chance to experiment with technologies I don't normally get to use at my day job.

The project is open source; feel free to check out the code on GitHub. Refer to the project's issue tracker for future development possibilities.

The Oregon Department of Forestry provides visualizations of recreational activity information, too, if you're interested in other ways to look at the data.